Webinar replay: A discussion on connective tissue disease

If ANF tests positive, request ENAs panel.

Putting the heart into HRT

Non-orally administered estrogens minimise the hepatic induction of clotting factors.

Obesity and lung function in menopausal women

The higher the BMI and waist circumference, the greater the risk.

6 Strategies to improve your medical billing and claim processes

Getting accurate and complete information from all your patients is the first crucial step.

Probiotics boost brain and mood

The gut has been called a ‘second brain’.

Time to make a difference for your patients with PAH

Pulmonary hypertension diagnosis frequently takes more than two years from symptom onset.

Pain control during IUD insertion

Pain control should be an objective of all health professionals.

Don’t forget to (flu) vaccinate

Patients might develop flu-like symptoms.

New technology for ICU sedation

The MIRUS System provides sedation for all intubated patients.

An effective oral formulation for UC

The coating delays release of 5-ASA until the pH is 7.0 or higher.

Optimised glycaemic control using insulin lispro pens

Insulin lispro is associated with fewer hypoglycaemic events.

A paradigm shift in treating coughs

Polysaccharides of Marshmallow root exhibited cough-suppressing activity.