Gels, rubs or packs?

An anti-inflammatory gel can be applied directly to the skin.

Optimising practice management through new technology

Every healthcare practice should embrace change and manage it well

Webinar: Chronic pain, opioids and the medical professional – are we missing the point?

Are we missing the point when it comes to treating chronic pain with opioids?

An acne innovation

Clindamycin and tretinoin are far more effective combined than when used separately.

Microbiota revolution

Inflammation is driven by both microbiota and leaky gut syndrome

Managing ED – from primary care to specialist, Part 2

Dr Kgomotso Mathabe presented on managing the ‘difficult’ ED patient.

Erectile dysfunction webinar

ED negatively impacts the quality of life, and it is recommended to screen all adult men with diabetes regularly.

Webinar replay: The role of compression therapy in vascular conditions

Compression garments are used in the treatment of lymphatic diseases

A review of coeliac disease in children

Approximately 8% of people suffer from gluten-related disorders.

Primary prevention of CVD in type 2 diabetes

Studies of new glucose-lowering therapies have a focus on primary prevention.

Webinar: Covid-19 vaccine allergy: a lot happens in 18 months

This webinar provides a background context to vaccine-induced allergy.