Webinar Replay: An approach to HIV treatment failure

Dr Levin looked at reasons for changing therapy, why treatment fails and when to make the change.

Webinar – HIV in 2022: Paediatric update

Adherence depends greatly on the simplicity of the regimen.

Webinar summary: Is depression really a disease?

There is convincing evidence for a genetic contribution in depression.

ADHD: An update on our armamentarium

Adcock Ingram has announced the introduction of two new treatments for ADHD.

Roche launches infectious diseases molecular diagnostics system

Roche has announced the launch of the cobas® 5800 System.

Therapeutic management of UC

IBD is responsible for considerable healthcare expenditure.

Strategies to manage VTE

The concept is that the aim of treatment is prevention.

The gut microbiome and its link to food allergies

Prebiotics are non-digestible food ingredients that stimulate the growth of bacteria.

Whose data is it anyway?

The service provider never becomes owner of the data.

Webinar: House dust mites: The winter woes

Dr Trikamjee is a specialist Paediatrician and Allergologist