Webinar: Beyond UVA-UVB protection; High Energy Visible Blue Light, the new frontier

Dr Johann de Wet is a dermatologist and Mohs Micrographic Surgeon in private practice in Stellenbosch.

Webinar: Overview of epilepsy and its management

Dr Kathan covers the full spectrum of clinical neurology.

Ophthalmology digibook a click away

The Ophthalmology digibook features a range of articles featured in Medical Chronicle.

Time-saving methods for healthcare professionals

Custom clinical forms save time and effort.

Leveraging reporting to optimise your income

Correctly capturing all clinical and financial information is the key to sound reporting.

Webinar replay: Fortification in food

Fortification increases nutrient content of food.

What you need to know about the inspection and certification of hospitals, clinics and doctors’ practices

NHI provides that certification by the OHSC will be a precondition for accreditation.

Immune consequences of early life imprinting by microbiota

The development and maturation of the immune system is modulated by microbiota.

First targeted biologic in SA for use in atopic dermatitis

Dr Willie Visser stressed the burden of disease experienced by patients with moderate-to-severe AD.

Our future is at hand

Foam soap delivers up to twice as many washes per litre as conventional liquid soaps.

Webinar replay: The impact of Covid on older people’s mental health

Mental health problems are common in this patient population

Erectile dysfunction webinar coming up – Part 2

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