Menstrual-cycle regularisation in abnormal uterine bleeding

Abnormal uterine bleeding, which is defined as bleeding from the uterine corpus that is abnormal in volume, regularity, and/or timing,

Controlling the negative aspects of pregnancy: A focus on heartburn

Both heartburn and acid reflux tend to worsen as pregnancy progresses, for two reasons: Hormone levels, especially the levels of

Sanitise your face – reduce the risk of infection

It is widely known that COVID-19 and other viruses are airborne and enter our bodies through our face via the

LocumBase celebrates women

The year was 2016. We saw a referendum for the UK to exit the EU, we witnessed an official declaration

Webinar replay: Pre-eclampsia – The Past, Present and Future

Don’t miss this fascinating webinar presented by Prof Matjila, access it here:  Prof Mushi Matjila is Associate Professor in the

Webinar replay: Overview of the South African algorithm for treating eczema in sensitive skin areas

Watch the replay of this informative webinar here: Dr Visser is the Head of Dermatology at University of Stellenbosch,

Fenofibrate’s cardiovascular outcomes in statin users with metabolic syndrome

Kim et al (2019) set out to investigate whether fenofibrate as add-on to statin treatment reduce persistent cardiovascular risk in adults with

Webinar replay: The benefits of plant-based nutrition

Dietician Heather Harmsen discusses:    What is a plant-based diet?​  Plant-based diet and health outcomes​  What are key nutrients considerations?​  Environmental impact​  Practical applications. ​  Plant

Anaemia in Covid-19: A potential risk factor

  Anaemia and iron deficiency According to the World Health Organization (WHO), anaemia is a significant global health problem in

Managing symptoms of Covid-19 vaccination

Since the beginning of the pandemic, virus transmission and mortality have been reduced through a range of measures, including social distancing,

Medical Chronicle July 2021 CPDs

Article 1: The use of topical antibiotics in bacterial conjunctivitis: A focus on fusidic acid Article 2: Managing interstitial cystitis

Vaccine-associated allergies in the time of Covid-19 webinar replay

Prof Jonathan Peter is Head of The Allergy and Immunology Unit, as well as being Head of the Division of Allergology and