Don’t forget to (flu) vaccinate

Patients might develop flu-like symptoms.

New technology for ICU sedation

The MIRUS System provides sedation for all intubated patients.

An effective oral formulation for UC

The coating delays release of 5-ASA until the pH is 7.0 or higher.

Optimised glycaemic control using insulin lispro pens

Insulin lispro is associated with fewer hypoglycaemic events.

A paradigm shift in treating coughs

Polysaccharides of Marshmallow root exhibited cough-suppressing activity.

Register for Save our Skin Leukoplast webinar

Experts Sr Liezl Naude and Trish Idensohn will present

HIV webinar replay

Join Medical Chronicle for a free, CPD-accredited one-hour webinar on the topic: HIV 2022: An update. This webinar is sponsored by Johnson&Johnson.

Schizophrenia webinar replay

Dr Eugene Allers presents an informative update on schizophrenia.

Optimising outcomes in depression

Depression is a whole-body illness.

Webinar replay: Diagnosis and prognosis of preeclampsia using biomarkers

The diagnosis of preeclampsia is still based on non-specific signs.

Register for the gut and link to allergy webinar

The webinar is sponsored by Ascendis Health.