Urinary incontinence is treatable

Urinary incontinence affects up to one in three older men, most of whom go untreated despite the discomfort.

New UCT Heart and Lung Centre offers specialist interventions

A new Lung and Heart Centre offering a range of specialised medical interventions, including bronchial thermoplasty, has been established at UCT Private Academic Hospital (UCTPAH).

The explosion of defensive medicine

Dr Graham Howarth, head of Medical Services in Africa at Medical Protection, looks at why doctors are practising more defensively and how to minimise the practice.

Rooibos’ ability to curb heart disease undeniable

New research indicates that the humble rooibos bush might be at the frontline of preventative therapies for cardiovascular disease and the mortality risks associated with it.

Maximising your patient’s ability to self-heal

The concept of integrative medicine is not new. In fact, it has only been modern medicine that has drifted away from integrating mind, body and spirit with the process of healing.

Allergic conjunctivitis: the big 6

Eye allergies develop when the body’s immune system becomes sensitised and overreacts to something in the environment that typically causes no problem in most people.

World-leading endoscopic surgeons come to Cape Town

South Africa is at the forefront of the development of endoscopic gynaecology in Africa – a fact that will be emphasised when close to 1000 gynaecologists meet in Cape Town early this year.

Maintaining compassion for loved ones with dementia

People with advanced dementia, which includes symptoms like progressive memory loss, may lack the social filters that prevent most of us from expressing what we think out of politeness.

E-scripting: Addressing the disconnect in healthcare

The huge disconnect between doctors, patients and pharmacists is having a huge impact on the well-being of patients. Co-operation between doctors and pharmacists is vital in ensuring patient medication adherence.

Experiencing the CEO wheelchair campaign

The Little Eden Society’s annual CEO Wheelchair Campaign will put top South African CEOs in a wheelchair for a day to understand the lives of people living with profound physical and intellectual disabilities.

Detox daily to avoid unhealthy annual purge

Eating a well-balanced, nutrition-rich diet consistently, and pursuing a healthy lifestyle will eliminate the need to detox or purge after the holidays.

Nothing mild about malaria

Killing an estimated 435 000 people each year, malaria must be promptly recognised and treated to save an infected person’s life, and to prevent the further spread of malaria.

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