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A first for Southern Africa: HSRC MSM study

Cultural and social contexts in Africa further impact negatively on the understanding of the unique behaviours, needs and challenges of

Heart rate and heart failure outcomes

For example the BEATIFUL, SHIFT and EVEREST studies using ivabradine and vasopressin antagonist. However, less is known about the association

Antibiotics and drug-resistant bacteria

“The good news is when compared to other developing countries where the use of antibiotics is rife and communities can

The benefits of bromelain

Bromelain is a complex mixture of protein-digesting enzymes isolated from pineapples, primarily the Queen Pineapple Ananas Cosmosus. Commercially available since the 1950s, bromelain

Local doctor wins international award

Corbett, together with her husband, developed this technology to provide enhanced access and care to patients. Says Natalie Zimmelman, CEO

POI: GPs’ vital role

Screening of women with antimullerian hormone, antral follicle count and genetic analysis may be useful for recommendation at appropriate biological