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Is the quality of generics above reproach?

According to Dr Jacques Snyman, CEO of Medical Specialist Holdings, and a clinical pharmacologist, prescriber ignorance about the efficacy and

Smoking cessation: what are the options?

Smoking is a deadly habit and most smokers in SA are fully aware of the dangers associated with smoking. This

Laparoscopic workshop keeps SA surgeons up to date

A total of 55 surgeons and intervention specialists from the private and public sectors in South Africa attended the workshop

Hepatitis C permanently damages NK cell diversity

New evidence published by a team from Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm suggests that hepatitis C infection affects the diversity

7th Biannual ICAN Congress from 8 to 11 July 2018

As the largest infection prevention and control (IPC) organisation in Africa and with links to national infection control associations in

Mind over sphincter: brain-training GORD away

In days of yore, before the scientific revolution normalised abstract thinking, people would often locate the emotions they felt in