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Proper diagnosis of seasonal allergies vital

This is according to Dr Todd Mahr, Director for Paediatric Allergy/Immunology at Gundersen Health System in Wisconsin, who states that

HPV: the importance of education

HPV is the most common infection of the reproductive tract. It can cause cervical cancer, other types of cancer and

Depression: the facts

The World Health Organization recently released a depression fact sheet, as outlined here. Depression is the leading cause of disability

Common gynaecological conditions

International Gynaecological Awareness Day is the brainchild of Kath Mazzella, a courageous vulvar cancer survivor who has turned her pain

Avoid overindulgence during party season

We know we should consume reasonable portions and pass on seconds or that third glass of wine, but inevitably we

Ultraviolet radiation 101

What is UV? The sun is by far the strongest source of ultraviolet radiation (UV) in our environment. The sunlight