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Global burden of diseases in sub-Saharan Africa

It is important to have a global perspective of the healthcare challenges in Africa and the possible implications and impact on South Africa.

Why calcium is essential in pregnancy

Diet and intake of vitamin D and calcium in pregnancy can impact both the mother and her baby’s bone mass – and insufficient intake results in an increased risk of osteoporosis later in life.

SA healthcare under pressure

The release of the Health Market Inquiry’s findings, subsequent drive to uniform tariffs, imminent NHI rollout, consolidation of medical aids and rise of medical inflation could culminate in a perfect storm for the healthcare sector.

High prices of TB drugs restrict access to treatment, says MSF

To accelerate the response to MDR-TB, drug companies must contribute by ensuring local registration, wide availability and affordability of medicines, especially the life-saving drugs bedaquiline and delamanid.

Experts look beyond BMI to define what’s healthy

For over 200 years, medical professionals have used the simple weight-to-height ratio known as body mass index (BMI) as a tool to determine the overall health status of an individual.

Cipla launches mental health campaign

Cipla’s mental health awareness aims to break the social stigma around mental health in South Africa. Currently, there is a perceived shame about living with mental issues in sectors of SA society.