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The future of oncology practice

Against the backdrop of rising healthcare costs, value-based care (VBC) is the sustainable alternative to the current fee-for-service model, says Dr Ernst Marais, COO of the ICON Group.

Still no link between MMR vaccine and autism

Refuting persistent claims by anti-vaxxers, a new study from Denmark once again disproves the link between the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism.

Ghana launches world’s largest vaccine drone delivery network

With support from Gavi, The UPS Foundation and other partners, Zipline drones will serve up to 2 000 health facilities and 12 million people in Ghana.

Integrated care needed for SA healthcare

The success of restructure and re-engineering healthcare in SA by introducing NHI must be developed along the lines of an integrated, coordinated and collaborative delivery model and integration, coordination and collaboration by multiple stakeholders.

A first for SA: minimally invasive procedure for haemorrhoids

A new minimally invasive embolisation procedure to treat haemorrhoidal disease, which impacts the lives of many South Africans, was recently performed for the first time at Netcare hospitals in Johannesburg and Cape Town and is now being offered as a standard treatment option.

What is mindfulness and how do I use it?

“Mindfulness” seems to be all the buzz, but what is it exactly? How do I use it? Does practicing it automatically make me a hipster?