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The pros and cons of refurbished medical equipment

Whether you run a hospital, a small clinic or a private practice, medical equipment is the staple of your business. But buying new is not always smart.

Knowledge can boost confidence for oral contraceptive users

Utilising vitamins and correct supplementation to manage lesser known but important side effects can reduce concerns for users of oral contraceptives.

US’ most popular skincare brand coming to SA

Aveeno, the most popular skin care brand in the USA, has been rolled out for use in the South African market.

Generic medicine use hits an all-time-high

Generic medicine has not only saved SA healthcare billions, but has increased access to affordable medicine for millions of patients.

Understanding an ADHD diagnosis and how to manage it

It is unclear whether ADHD is more common today, but it is evident that the prevalence rates of diagnosed and treated cases have escalated over time.

The many pros of probiotics

Probiotics provide an essential boost to the bacterial colonies required for a strong, healthy gut. We take a look at strains and recommended dosages.