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Metabolic surgery can have many health benefits

“In fact, metabolic surgery shows a high degree of success in assisting to resolve the medical conditions associated with obesity

The 3 stages of HIV

When people get HIV and don’t receive treatment, they will typically progress through three stages of disease. Without treatment, people

Nutrition for optimal digestive health

Understanding how to maintain your digestive health is not only empowering to know for your day to day comfort, but

How well do you know your eyes?

Good eyesight plays a pivotal role in patients’ wellbeing and is a significant factor in safety, retaining independence, and maintaining

Travel vaccines: DoH outpricing private clinics

Speaking to Medical Chronicle SASTM President Lee Baker explained that it was brought to the Society’s attention that a Government

BP control with current therapy

It has been shown that of those treated for hypertension, only 13% had their blood pressure (BP) controlled. There are