1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns

Burns are a global public health problem with the World Health Organization (WHO) estimating that 180 000 deaths are caused annually by burns.

Where you breakout says a lot about your body

Given how intricately the body is connected, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that where you most often have acne on your face can in fact tell you why it happens.

Understanding rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) remains a serious disease, and one that can vary widely in symptoms and outcomes. Even so, treatment advances have made it possible to stop, or at least slow the progression of joint damage.

New research may explain unexpected effects of common painkillers

A new Yale-led study has uncovered a previously unknown process by which some NSAIDs affect the body.

Are we giving up on the elderly too easily?

Positive prognosis for many seniors’ mental health, according to geriatric psychiatrist

Busting denture myths

Dentures are an effective, economical, and attractive way to replace lost teeth. Unfortunately, as misconceptions around dentures prevail, there are many patients who could benefit from dentures that don’t.

REVIEW: A reappraisal of the mucoactive activity and clinical efficacy of bromhexine

Bromhexine is a derivate of the Adhatoda vasica plant used in some countries for the treatment of various respiratory diseases

Magnesium: a key mineral

Found in abundance in the human body, magnesium is crucial to the healthy functioning of the entire system

Effect of Covid-19 on sexual relationships

During lockdown, several factors are likely to have influenced intimacy between partners resulting in an alteration in sexual behaviours.

Children & diabetes

Being diabetic is bad enough, being diabetic when you’re a young child, that’s even worse.

UPCOMING WEBINAR: Erectile dysfunction

How to best help treat your newly diagnosed patient. A comprehensive approach by both Dr Kgomotso Mathabe and Dr Prithy Ramlachan on starting the conversation about ED and the overall impact of sexual quality of life for both the patient and their partner.

Recreational marijuana access reduces demand for prescription drugs

Legalisation of recreational marijuana reduces demand for costly prescription drugs through state Medicaid programmes, according to an analysis by a Cornell researcher and a collaborator.