Our subsidiary will further expand into Africa where Dahlhausen already has a presence in Namibia, Botswana, Kenya and Mauritius as we continue growing and developing. Renette Julies is our Managing Director in South Africa and together with her team will provide you with the product service your hospital needs.

Dahlhausen, one of the world’s leading medical equipment companies, has recently opened a subsidiary office in South Africa.

It’s not the latest technology. Nor is it service. It’s the people who make the difference. As a family-run business in its fourth generation, we recognise the value of our employees. We therefore do everything we can to strengthen not only their skills and qualification but also their motivation. At Dahlhausen, we don‘t think in terms of hierarchies. We think solutions. We place trust in our employees and give them a high level of responsibility from early on.

We have a culture of open communication – regular and systematic, horizontal and vertical. This keeps each and every employee informed and motivated. Over and above everything else, team work is our primary principle in work and organisation. We exchange ideas with colleagues and superiors. We help and respect each other. And you benefit most of all from all this: from the first-class partners and advisors at Dahlhausen.

You can reach our team by dialing 011 4652998 or emailing info@dahlhausen.co.za or by visiting our website on www.dahlhausen.co.za to learn more our products and to download our product catalogue.