We all know somebody who has perfect skin and claims to never wash their face. Or they wash with bar soap (eek) and moisturise with coconut oil (double eek). Their best skincare advice to you is probably, “Drink more water.” To someone who is breakout prone, this sounds like the stuff of unicorns and other mythical stories.  

Without thorough cleansing, skin will accumulate dead skin and grime, blocking pores.

Because you know that good skincare encompasses calibrated cleansing, essential exfoliation, vital vitamins, and proper protection, you must wonder if these perfect-skin peeps are lying. 

No, they’re not lying, they just have good genes. Genetics play a majority role in determining whether someone is breakout prone. Other lifestyle factors can either alleviate or exacerbate the presence of acne in those who are genetically acne prone. These factors include: 

  • MAKEUP: Frequent use of makeup, particularly heavy and occlusive products can block pores and make breakouts worse. Those with flawless, low-maintenance skin likely don’t wear much makeup. 
  • EXERCISE: While exercise followed by proper cleansing typically helps to improve skin overall, exercise followed by poor, or no cleansing can worsen acne. Sweat can block pores, and bacteria-laden gym equipment can wreak havoc on the acne-prone, fast. 
  • TIME IN THE SUN: It’s a common myth that a heaping dose of sunlight can help acne. While moderate exposure to Vitamin D is good for the skin, it’s important to recognise that too much sun can dry out the skin, reducing the skin’s barrier function. Too much sun also damages skin and causes thickened skin that can disrupt cellular turnover, thus aggravating acne. 
  • SMOKING: Just, no. A million times, no. Not only is smoking terrible for lungs, heart, brain, the environment, and bystanders, it’s terrible for skin. Cigarettes contain toxins upon toxins, and they accelerate aging. Those with naturally great skin are likely non-smokers. 

Acne is on the rise, due to lifestyle, more screen time, increased use of pore-blocking sunscreens, pollution, more rigorous exercise, and increased processed foods. Unless you have great genes and don’t participate in the above, your skin will likely need calibrated cleansing. 

Without thorough cleansing, skin will accumulate dead skin and grime, blocking pores. Breakouts, blackheads, and dull skin are on the horizon. Skin that hasn’t been properly cleaned is also unable to absorb vital vitamins that nourish, enrich, and protect the skin. 

No matter what you hear, daily calibrated cleansing is the first step in proper skincare. 

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