It’s common for the skin to feel a little blah as the season starts to change. Customers can thank the dry air for that. They may be tempted to cover up in a scarf, with just their eyes peeking out, but you should rather encourage them to tackle their skincare woes head-on to enjoy radiant and bright skin, no matter how dark and gloomy the weather gets. There is an array of autumn foods the skin simply loves. The one vitamin that most autumn fruits and veggies have in common is vitamin A, which has awesome benefits for skin.

Vitamin A hydrates skin cells, smooths skin texture, increases blood flow, regulates sebum production, and normalises cellular turnover [Image: Ashley Light/Unsplash].


Vitamin A is essential for healthy skin, end of story. You may have heard of a retinol cream but been unaware that retinol is in fact vitamin A derivatives that have some excellent benefits for skin. In fact, did you know, that if there’s one product I encourage customers start using as soon as their early twenties already, it’s a retinol cream?

Remember, it’s what one does now that sets the foundation for how skin ages. Prevention is better than a cure, so recommend customers start now before they spot their first pesky wrinkle.

I could write an essay about the benefits of vitamin A for skin, but all you really need to know is that it will hydrate skin cells, smooth skin texture, increase blood flow, regulate sebum production, and normalise cellular turnover. The exciting thing about increased blood flow is that not only will skin start to rival Jennifer Lopez’s famous glow, it’ll help promote the formation of collagen in skin, ensuring it stays firm and plump as each birthday rolls around.