These are often followed by coughing and sneezing. Fortunately, symptoms usually clear up within a few days to weeks whether a person takes medication or not.

Cold viruses can live on touchable surfaces for up to 48 hours.

2-4 colds

Adults usually get per year


Age of women who experience more colds than men

18 days

Most adults need to completely recover from a cough

25 million

People visit the GP with uncomplicated upper respiratory tract infections each year


To be viral and remain unidentified


Cold cases the rhinoviruses responsible for

7-10 days

Most people recover in

48 hours

A cold virus can live on touchable surfaces (e.g. light switch, door handle, telephone, shopping cart, etc.)

33-35° C

The optimal temperature for rhinovirus replication, which is about the same temperature found inside of the nose


the number of different full-length human rhinovirus genomes scientists have sequenced. This information has been used to discover that there may be 4 different species of rhinovirus. The information gained by these types of studies may prove valuable for developing antiviral medications and vaccines 

100 000 germs

A single sneeze can spray into the air