Fusidic acid – first-choice option in the treatment of skin infection

The majority of skin infections tend to be mild and generally resolve within seven to 10 days.

Is generic substitution in NTIDs ethical?

Generic substitution is advocated worldwide to reduce healthcare-related costs.

Managing dysphagia in patients with schizophrenia

A study showed a reduction in life expectancy of 18.7 years for men and 16.3 years for women with schizophrenia.

Acquired haemophilia and HIV

The main forms of haemophilia are:2 Haemophilia A (also known as classical haemophilia, factor VIII deficiency or antihemophilic globulin deficiency)

The immune boosting benefits of probiotics 

The body’s first line of defence against invading pathogens is an innate immune response. The innate immune response relies on

Obesity 101

Obesity, is it a chronic disease?  French physiologist, Dr Claude Bernard coined the term homeostasis (milieu interieur) in late 1800

Reducing complexities in T2DM management

T2DM accounts for the vast majority (around 90%) of cases (416 million). About 65 million people with T2DM need insulin,

How to recognise atopic dermatitis

Numerous studies suggest that the prevalence of AD is increasing in South Africa. From 1995 to 2002, increases were reported for adolescents

What is the optimal treatment for HF?

According to the authors of the 2020 HF Society of South Africa perspective on the 2016 European Society of Cardiology

Specialist Forum September 2021 issue CPD

The cost of untreated ADHD Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects children, adolescents, and adults.

Tackling harmful chemicals in medical devices

Plastic medical devices: a source of harmful exposure to EDCs Dorota Napieska, chemicals policy and projects officer, HCWH-E Healthcare professionals

Insomnia: A predictor of suicidal ideation

Studies investigating this bidirectional relationship between insomnia and suicidal ideation suggest that each contribute to the development and are a