Webinar: Handling obesity in patients with psychiatric disorders

Dr Eugene Allers will present this webinar, which will earn you one CPD point.  Date: 14 September 2021  Time: 7pm – 8pm  Topic: Handling obesity in patients with

Let’s simplify COVID confusion

Dr Corli Lodder will present this webinar, which will earn you one CPD point.  Date: 24 August 2021  Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm  Topic: Let’s simplify COVID confusion – Treating

Webinar: Bladder management in spinal cord afflicted patients

Dr Virginia Wilson will present this webinar, which will earn you one CPD point.  Date: 29 July 2021  Time: 6pm  Topic: Best Practice Recommendations for Bladder Management in Spinal

Anaemia in Covid-19: A potential risk factor

  Anaemia and iron deficiency According to the World Health Organization (WHO), anaemia is a significant global health problem in

Managing symptoms of Covid-19 vaccination

Since the beginning of the pandemic, virus transmission and mortality have been reduced through a range of measures, including social distancing,

Medical Chronicle July 2021 CPDs

Article 1: The use of topical antibiotics in bacterial conjunctivitis: A focus on fusidic acid Article 2: Managing interstitial cystitis

Vaccine-associated allergies in the time of Covid-19 webinar replay

Prof Jonathan Peter is Head of The Allergy and Immunology Unit, as well as being Head of the Division of Allergology and

The essentials of running a healthcare practice

The infographic illustrates the typical critical business processes in healthcare practices. Within each of the diagram segments, eg appointments, numerous tasks are

Erectile dysfunction in MSM

ED is a shared sexual disorder for both men with ED and their sexual partners, but this fact is not

Developments in the fight against sun damage

In addition, the photolyase it contains helps prevent damage to cellular DNA that the skin is not capable of repairing

Dealing with dysmenorrhoea

Pain from secondary dysmenorrhoea usually begins earlier in the menstrual cycle and lasts longer than common menstrual cramps. Hormonal contraception methods that