Discovery’s digital Dr Know

“Doctors are extremely busy professionals, and facilitating real-time, easy communication with their patients will undoubtedly make doctors and patients lives

Lilly’s history of diabetes care

Lilly became the first company to manufacture this life-saving medicine on a large scale – making it widely available to

The transition to insulin therapy

There are several reasons why a person would require insulin, even if it had not   been necessary before. Some

Mental health should matter to everyone

July was Psychosocial Disability Awareness Month in South Africa and the perfect time to highlight an all too often shunned

Discovery Health incentivises doctors to get healthy for their own sake and that of their patients

Discovery Health, the administrator of the Discovery Health Medical Scheme, as well as 17 restricted medical schemes, is actively working

Discovery Health identifies increase in measles infection

Discovery Health has identified a significant increase in the incidence of measles in its claims data. This confirms the data

The remedy for greater executive health and wellness

In a fast-paced environment often characterised by long hours, physical inactivity, eating on the go and high-stress environments, it can

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