SA doc makes COVID-19 explainer video

Given the vast number of South Africans suffering from HIV/Aids, tuberculosis and non-communicable conditions such as diabetes and obesity, there

MSF: COVID-19 and tuberculosis will intersect

As with TB, COVID-19 typically affects the lungs and people who contract it may show similar symptoms to TB, such

Austell to donate 500 000 chloroquine tablets to SA

In terms of its letter of support provided to the Department of Health, Austell will provide 500 000 tablets of chloroquine phosphate

How bad is COVID-19 really?

  “It’s spreading fast, but is it one of the fastest spreading viruses ever? Or, is this an artefact of

Coronavirus maps make it easy to track COVID-19

  Despite the wealth of digital maps tracking the disease, experts such as Johns Hopkins’ Dr Marty Makary are warning

Coronavirus: should South Africans be concerned?

The World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that the majority of coronavirus cases have been reported in the Hubei province in

What you need to know about coronavirus

As of this writing (31 January 2020), South Africa has no reported cases of coronavirus, but Health Minister Zweli Mkhize’s