Masks 101

The spread of COVID-19 is mainly via respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes, similar to how

Webinar replay available for ‘COVID-19 in Rhinology and Allergy’

The CPD-accredited (1 CEU) webinar took place on 2 March at 18:30pm. The event was sponsored by ThermoFisher and Medical Chronicle and

Fundraiser for family of Lybian-born SA doctor who died fighting COVID-19

As of this writing, the most recent statistics released by the Department of Health noted 390 COVID 19-related deaths among

South Africans at increasing risk of vision loss

Dr Gerhard Kok, President of the South African Vitreoretinal Society, a sub-society of OSSA, said that about 1.7% of diabetic

NHI post Covid-19

“The second thing around health service delivery is that we’ve missed out on a lot of non-Covid-19 care during this

Betadine products prove 99.99% effective against COVID-19

Mundipharma, the distributor of Betadine products, announced these results after the TIDREC research9 was accepted by the British Dental Journal

COVID-19 and lasting cardiac injury

“Our manuscript focused on potential mid- and long-term cardiovascular effects among patients who recovered from acute Covid-19 infection,” said lead

Webinar inbound: 6 Months into COVID-19: What Have We Learnt?

Date: 10 September 2020 Time: 18:30 Speaker: Dr Adri Kok Please register for the webinar here. 

South Africans traumatised by Covid-19

Most people experience some degree of distress after a traumatic event, or a period of trauma, in their lives, as

Eosinophil count could be the answer to Covid-19 testing

The importance of accurate testing for Covid-19 cannot be over-emphasised. Early diagnosis of Covid-19 and patient isolation are important for

COVID-19 asymptomatic transmission and reinfection

Newswise’s Thom Canalichio hosted the debate with Dr Rebecca Dutch (Professor and chair of the Department of Molecular and Cellular