Cipla collaborates with American Cancer Society to increase access to cancer treatment in Africa

Cipla Ltd, the global pharmaceutical company and owner of Cipla Medpro, South Africa’s third-largest pharmaceutical manufacturer, announced a ground-breaking market

Practice changing in common advances in common cancers

With ever evolving technology, it’s only natural for the medical industry to improve in how they deal with sicknesses and

Postmenopausal osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a skeletal disorder characterised by compromised bone strength predisposing to an increased risk of fracture and is the

Integrative medicine’s role in oncology

Prof Burke has spent most of his life studying cancer, its causes and detection and his research tools are used

It is not about size, it’s about personality

What determines how a cancer is treated? Are there certain rules, or do doctors just decide who gets what? I

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