This year’s theme for World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) is ‘Tobacco and Lung Health’ and it’s time to quit for the sake of your lungs and others.

According to the latest stats from the HSRC, nearly 18% of adult South Africans are smokers.

“Smoking is the worst thing that you can do, not only for your lung health but also for your overall health. It is also harmful to your family, your friends and those around you,” says Peter Ucko – CEO of TAG, the Tobacco, Alcohol and Gambling Advisory, Advocacy and Action Group.

“Cigarettes are perhaps the most widely abused tobacco products but do not forget the other related deadly products. The hookah pipe or hubbly-bubbly is a dangerous addictive killer. Electronic cigarettes and electronic nicotine delivery systems are dangerous. Popularly called ‘vaping’, to make a dangerous and harmful product sound innocuous, but they are dangerous and harmful whatever you call them.

No matter what fancy flavours they might have, they are dangerous and harmful. Please don’t use these products and please don’t let your children and grandchildren use any of these products.

“As a smoker, you are at risk to lung cancer, chronic respiratory disease and TB. You also add to the world’s air pollution and you put your children at risk to chest diseases from the time they are conceived until they leave home. Quitting now can save your life and those around you.

“As South Africa stands at the cusp of implementing tighter tobacco controls to bring us into alignment with World Health Organisation commitments, the Department of Health will be driving broader public interaction through social media and encouraging the public to pledge support to the Draft Tobacco Control Bill through online sign-up. I urge you all to support this Bill,” concludes Ucko.

TAG is working closely with the Gauteng Department of Social Development and the Gauteng Department of Education to produce posters and pamphlets for WNTD 2019. Themes will include:

  • Quitfor a day. Quit for LIFE 
  • Stop stinking. Stop
  • Don’t stink.QUIT
  • The first days are the hardest
  • Love your Lungs. Love your life