Cipla, together with Falke and the Ithemba Foundation have partnered to launch the #CrazySocks4Docs campaign in South Africa. The campaign was first started in Australia in 2017 and aims to raise awareness about medical professionals battling with mental health issues.

The #CrazySocks4Docs campaign was launched by Australian doctors to highlight mental health issues in the healthcare sector.

We tend to think of doctors as the professionals we turn to when we are suffering, but we often forget that they are still people who also need help from time to time. The same applies to medical students, who study under immense strain as doctors-to-be. The mental strain on medical professionals working in South Africa can be immense, and it is well-documented that levels of depression and mental fatigue are particularly high among professionals who dedicate their lives to the treatment of others.

As part of the #CrazySocks4Docs campaign in South Africa, 12 000 pairs of high-quality, highly visible socks to medical professionals and medical students around the country. On 7 June, everyone is encouraged to join the movement by wearing their colourful, silly socks and posting a photo to social media with #CrazySocks4Docs in a show of solidarity to all of the medical professionals and students who are living with depression and having suicidal thoughts.

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