Roche recently announced the launch of the cobas® 5800 System, a new molecular laboratory instrument, in countries accepting the CE mark. Testing is one of the first lines of defence to protect a patient’s general well-being and is vitally important in quickly guiding their treatment.

Testing is vitally important in quickly guiding a patient’ treatment

The cobas® 5800 System helps address laboratory challenges of increased patient testing, reimbursement complexities and the need for a diverse testing, while providing meaningful and timely results.

“The cobas 5800 System is a potential gateway to access where it is needed the most. Patients in Africa face barriers to access throughout their healthcare journey. Among the most pressing barriers are awareness, diagnostics, funding and healthcare capacity, said Alan Yates – Ad-Interim general manager for Roche Diagnostics, Southern Africa (South Africa and SADC). Yates adds,

“We are pleased that we can now offer a compact, fully-automated molecular system to help address the high demands on labs through greater efficiency, optimised workflows and cost savings, enabling them to deliver quality patient care and doing now what patients need next.


Infectious diseases, such as those infections transmitted via respiratory, sexually and transplant, are becoming increasingly difficult to manage and represent an ever-growing medical need for millions of patients worldwide.

Access to accurate and reliable diagnostic tests help clinicians
improve patient care, limit healthcare spending and contribute to protecting public health.

The cobas® 5800 System is a compact new addition to the Roche Molecular portfolio, providing efficiency, simplicity, and timely results to laboratories of all sizes so clinicians can quickly determine the best treatment strategies for their patients.

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