eMD Technologies, one of the top practice management software companies in the country, was started in 1998 by Dr Dimitri Tzitzivacos, currently the CEO. Dr Tzitzivacos’ extensive background in medicine, as well as software engineering, gives the company a competitive edge, because he is all too familiar with the challenges of running multiple medical practices. 

Healthcare professionals who are not yet part of the eMD community, but are interested in using the online appointment portal, can access and register online via www.doctorsnearme.co.za.

How does it work?

eMD’s new platform is a first for South Africa and allows patients to search for a healthcare professional, within a specific area (distance of five to 55km), and discipline (GP, gynaecologist, dentist).

Patients can register online (www.doctorsnearme.co.za) and complete the required information fields. This is a patient portal and patients will have the ease of having access to all their medical records. The platform can be bookmarked on various devices.

Once a doctor has been selected, his/her information will appear, which includes discipline, contact details, a map to pinpoint where exactly he/she is located, service offerings, operating hours and an online calendar showing available appointments. Patients can select an appointment that suits them and receive a confirmation from the practice.

After the patient is prompted to enter his personal details, the system will automatically validate his/her medical scheme membership.

This functionality removes the tedious function of having to complete forms at the practice.  The patient’s details are thus available for the healthcare professional to view, as well as confirmation of medical scheme membership – U=ultimately, empowering patients to help their doctors to help them.

For the healthcare professional, the benefits are numerous.

Appointments can be made 24/7.  Once the appointment request is sent to the practice, you can either accept or reject the request and the patient will be informed via e-mail or SMS.  A patient has the option to cancel an appointment online and you will be notified, and the initial appointment time will automatically become available to be booked by another patient.

In the event of multiple appointment requests at the same time, you can reschedule the appointments to suit you. The patient will receive an updated communication (SMS) confirming the rescheduled appointment.

For the doctors who are already part of the eMD community, your patient’s medical history (eg, blood pressure, body mass index, past diagnosis) and pathology results will be made available to you on this platform. Your patients will have access to their results on this platform only once you have given them the necessary consent.

The platform is available free of charge to all eMD members. Healthcare professionals who are not yet part of the eMD community, but are interested in using the online appointment portal, can access and register online (www.doctorsnearme.co.za). A nominal fee of R99 per month including VAT will be charged.

eMD healthcare professionals have a link to the doctorsnearme platform, which can be accessed via the eMD cloud, a practice management web-based system, accessible from any device with internet connectivity.

Apart from the integrated doctorsnearme, which incorporates the online calendar, the eMD cloud software boasts the following features (to name a few):

  • Patient file management
  • Electronic health record
  • Pathology reports and graphs
  • Dashboards
  • Clinical history
  • Claim management and real-time claim submission.

To access the system, you will have to enable the feature, allowing your information to be visible when patients do a search on doctorsnearme.

A helpdesk is available to assist you with technical support. You can contact them at support@e-md.co.za or 0860 018 363. They are available on Monday to Thursday from 08:00 to 17:00 and Friday 08:00 to 16:00.