The topical nature of the new treatment allows for localised pain relief and less risk of adverse effects.

Norflex Gel is available in 30g and 75g packs

Well-known pain relief medication Norflex has been released in a gel incarnation by its manufacturer, iNova Pharmaceuticals. Norflex Gel is designed to treat sprains, strains, contusions, the after-effects of fractures and inflammation. The gel composition allows patients to apply the formula to affected body parts for localised relief and also carries a lower risk of adverse effects than oral NSAIDs. It has been listed as a Schedule 1 drug by SAHPRA, making it an over-the-counter medication.

The Norflex brand has acquired a lot of name-recognition among SA doctors and patients. It is the most commonly prescribed muscle relaxant in the country. The gel variant is the first Benzydamine Hydrochloride anti-inflammatory gel to be released locally. It can be applied three to six times daily, depending on the severity of the pain, and will be available in 30g and 75g packs. It is currently available from leading pharmacies nationwide.