Undenatured type II collagen (UC-II) retrains killer T-cells so they recognise collagen as a harmless substance, preventing osteoarthritic joint damage.

There are several types of collagen. The main ones, however, are designated type I, type II, and type III. While type II collagen (CII) is found only in cartilage, collagen types I and III are found together in ligaments, bones, and joints. CII is sold in dietary supplements as collagen-II (denatured or hydrolysed collagen type II protein) or as undenatured collagen type II (also known as native).

Oral administration of CII is used to reduce clinical signs of osteoarthritis. CII is a peptide and component of joint cartilage. Its oral ingestion appears to reduce autoimmunity to the body’s own CII, resulting in less inflammation in instances of osteoarthritis and rheumatism and benefits to joint health.


Scientists have discovered that undenatured type II collagen (UC-II) retrains killer T-cells (which destroy target cells) so they recognise collagen as a harmless substance, preventing the joint damage seen in osteoarthritis. UC-II was discovered when a team of scientists at the University of Nebraska found that chicken soup prevented the mobilisation of immune system cells to sites of inflammation.

Upon further analysis, they found it was not vegetables, but a component of the chicken broth itself that exerted this anti-inflammatory activity. Chicken-derived CII was found to regulate the immune system and prevent the attack of proteins and healthy joint cartilage. UC-II has been proven to activate a pathway known as induced oral tolerance, which teaches the immune system to correctly recognise cartilage proteins as the body’s own tissues instead of foreign microbes. Oral-induced tolerance thus prevents an inflammatory attack, a newly recognised cause of osteoarthritis.


Science and nature have provided us with CII supplements which can stimulate new and abundant collagen production and improve joint and cartilage health. The most effective method for taking CII is in an oral supplement. The highest quality and concentrated source of CII comes from chicken sternum, and can offer the following benefits for joint and cartilage health:


  • Has peptides that act as building blocks which trigger natural collagen production
  • Contains chondroitin that may promote a healthy inflammation response, which blocks the enzyme that breaks down cartilage
  • Contains hyaluronic acid which makes up the synovial fluid necessary to lubricate joints
  • May redirect the immune response which targets cartilage breakdown
  • Is specific to cartilage tissue reproduction, function, and maintenance
  • Has virtually no side-effects and is highly tolerable by most individuals
  • Is gluten-free, dairy free, non-GMO


  • Assist in the recovery of sports injuries
  • Speed healing of cartilage after a broken nose
  • Promote meniscus injury recovery (indicated by painful clicking or popping of the knee)
  • Target the cause of a bulging disk
  • Benefit those with autoimmune-related joint issues such as arthritis
  • May support back, jaw, and joint health