A decade of research has enabled the company to produce a product with activities of >4000GDUs/g (gelatin digesting units per gram). The product is produced in accordance with pharmaceutical standards.

Enzyme Technologies is a South African-based biotechnology company that manufactures bromelain from waste pineapple stems

Bromelain is a complex mixture of protein-digesting enzymes isolated from pineapples, primarily the Queen Pineapple Ananas Cosmosus. Commercially available since the 1950s, bromelain can be found in both the fruit and the stem.

Stem-derived bromelain, however, is commercially more significant as it has been more extensively studied and its source is an agricultural waste product. There are huge environmental and economic benefits associated with obtaining a highly valuable ingredient such as bromelain from a waste product.

Bromelain offers many health benefits. Most notably, it is a very good digestive aid, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and de-wormer.

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