The pharmaceutical firm has appointed Dr Mo Kadwa to succeed Dr Thomas Kowallik. An internal appointment, Dr Kadwa was previously head of the company’s African division.

Newly appointed Novartis SA CEO Dr Mahomed (Mo) Kodwa.

Novartis South Africa has appointed Dr Mahomed (Mo) Kadwa as the company’s new CEO and head of the Southern African Countries division.

Dr Kadwa takes over from Dr Thomas Kowallik, who led the organisation in the Southern African region for the past three years and will be moving on to a new assignment within Novartis in Europe. Prior to this appointment, Dr Kadwa was Chief Scientific Officer: Africa Cluster for Novartis and, since 2016, Head of Operations for Africa Cluster.

Before joining Novartis, Dr Kadwa spent the majority of his career as a practicing physician in the South African public health sector. In his new role, Dr Kadwa will be based at the company’s offices in Johannesburg. He will continue the company major initiatives, building on the landmark Memorandum of Understanding signed between Novartis, the South African Department of Science and Technology and South African Medical Research Council in 2017, and supporting numerous clinical trials and scientific capability-building initiatives in Southern Africa.

“We are increasing our efforts to support healthcare professional capability development, both in South Africa and in the region. With a population of over one billion and growing fast, the continent is an important focus for us in our efforts to improve patient care worldwide,” Dr Kadwa said.

Novartis is currently the third-largest multinational healthcare company on the continent. Novartis South Africa, with three divisions across Pharma – Innovative Medicines, Sandoz and Alcon, has been active in South Africa for over 70 years, and within that time has developed a strong clinical trial footprint in the country.

As part of its efforts to support improved patient care, the company is training and developing internal teams and healthcare providers in Africa through a broad portfolio of development initiatives. Novartis invests in scientific capability development as part of an integrated strategy to strengthen healthcare systems in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC).

The 2016 Access to Medicines Index committee acknowledges the company as an industry leader in capacity development for the comprehensive and innovative approach that consistently addresses local needs.