It is known that persons in general will leave a mask lying around and pick up the mask and use it just because it is protocol.  This practice will inevitably increase the secondary infection through touching of the mask. Why not use a mask that is still safe to wear under those conditions for a period of 7 days, unlike other masks that can only be worn for a few hours?

The AOP-KF® Influenza Mask was originally developed as an Influenza mask about 3 years ago and was used extensively in hospitals in China with impressive results.  The mask has a property that kills bacteria and viruses by the slow release of very low and safe levels of Chlorine Dioxide and Hydroxyl radicals, which is considered by the World Health Organization to be the most safe and green way of sterilization.   The mask has a patented substance called AOP-KF® Solid Alkali which is embedded in the mask, which kills any bacteria on and around the mask immediately and prevents any virus from being hosted on the mask.  Even in the event of you having touched the virus on your hands and touching the mask, the mask will self-sanitize.  It is packaged individually in a sealed zip lock bag, which can be used to store your mask once you have opened it.  The AOP-KF® Influenza Mask is also cost effective because of the fact that it can be worn safely and free of virus contamination for 7 days.

AOP-KF® Influenza Mask provides significantly better protection against viruses and bacteria as compared to other masks and helps patients in the recovery process. Furthermore, because of the self-sterilizing feature of the mask, it significantly reduces secondary infections.  In fact, the new technology is effective in providing better protection from Influenza, TB and Covid-19 as compared to other masks.

The mask has been certified world wide with top renowned laboratories and is CE approved by an established European testing laboratory and also is registered with the FDA.   All certifications are readily available on request.

The Key Points of the AOP-kf mask are as follows:

  • Kills Bacteria, Fungus and Viruses
  • Can be worn effectively for 7 days
  • Has a high filtration rate of over 99%
  • Comes sealed in a zip lock bag which allows the mask to self-sterilize
  • High breathability
  • 3D design for comfort and tight fitting

This mask is not only aimed at the medical industry including all HCP’s, it can be effectively used by the general public who wants a better mask with superior protection features.  The mask can be used by front line workers, hospital staff, the Elderly, TB patients, Covid patients, persons with chronic illnesses as well as persons who are travelling by air.  In other words, persons who work in high-risk areas.

Infodoc Health has exclusivity for the AOP-kf mask in Africa and is the direct importer.  For more information you are welcome to e-mail or visit our website