Specialised snakebite advisory team launched in SA

A newly established special advisory group of snakebite authorities can be consulted by medical practitioners, healthcare workers and emergency departments in SA to assist with the management of snakebite victims.

Mepilex Border Flex pushes wound care boundaries

Effective wound care is becoming increasingly important due to the increase of chronic wounds and associated morbidity. Mepilex® Border Flex

Treating cuts and grazes

Treatment Try and assess the severity of the cut, and apply pressure to the cut with a clean cloth. Fingers

Ulcer Summit

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reported that the number of patients in hospitals with pressure ulcers, which developed

Incontinence and the damage it causes

The skin characteristics of older adults increase the risk of skin damage, due to slower replacement of skin cells and

A brief history about efficacy of NPWT

The duration of therapy varies from a few days to months, depending on the treatment aim and the nature of

DFUs increase the risk of CV mortality

According to the authors, large nerve fibre dysfunction related to diabetes, as measured by vibration perception threshold, is strongly linked