Menorrhagia 101

CAUSES In more than half of cases menorrhagia has no obvious cause. However, it is sometimes related to the presence of organic disease. Known causes include: Fibroids: benign enlargements of muscle in the wall of

Mediclinic Winelands Orthopaedic Hospital raises the bar

Van Zyl explained, “Mediclinic Winelands Orthopaedic Hospital will provide the infrastructure, experience and resources, which will in turn allow the IOR to realise their goals of improved clinical specialist care. We envision a process whereby

Genesis Medical Scheme announces lowest contribution increase for 2020

Lowest increase for 8th consecutive year According to Dennis van der Merwe, the Principal Officer of Genesis Medical Scheme, the average contribution increases announced by some of the bigger open medical schemes for next year

Natural alternatives to CBD

Some patients do not respond well to the effects of THC on CB1 receptors in the brain, however minimal the content may be. The “full spectrum CBD entourage” effect makes them feel high or groggy. 

Medicine and seniors: what you need to know

“The good news is that today many of these conditions, once diagnosed, can be effectively managed with prescribed medication.” Chronic medicine may be prescribed for conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure,

What’s causing your energy slump?

A patient might get out of bed in the morning full of energy and ready to take on the world – only to discover a few hours into their day, they lack energy and feel

What you can do about forged prescriptions

Fraudulent prescriptions for medication can occur for a number of reasons. Dr Volker Hitzeroth, Medicolegal Adviser at the Medical Protection Society explains what steps to take if it happens to you.

The benefits of choosing mediation

Being the subject of a clinical negligence claim can be a stressful experience for any healthcare professional. Additionally, it is often time consuming and costly.

Insomnia in the older patient

Under-recognised, -diagnosed, and -treated in the general population, it’s little wonder insomnia – despite being a common complaint among the older patient – is rarely systematically diagnosed and treated, even by geriatric specialists.

The pros and cons of refurbished medical equipment

Whether you run a hospital, a small clinic or a private practice, medical equipment is the staple of your business. But buying new is not always smart.