Childhood asthma must be properly managed

Dr Steve Ponde, a paediatric pulmonologist who practises at Netcare Waterfall City Hospital in Midrand, says it has been estimated that 6-10% of South Africans have asthma. “That’s a considerable number of people. Fortunately, the

COPD: a growing health issue for SA women

COPD is a major cause of illness and death around the world and is predicted to become the fourth leading cause of death by the year 2030[1]. It is estimated to affect over 329 million

Stellenbosch University develops safer treatment for kids with MDR-TB

The project, titled “Better Evidence and Formulations for Improved MDR-TB Treatment for Children” (BENEFIT Kids), funded and supported by Unitaid, is expected to go a long way in reducing the burden of this dangerous but

Respiratory conditions: more patient education needed

“What happens during an asthma attack, much in the same way as in allergic rhinitis, is that the mucous membranes that line the airways may become inflamed as a reaction to outside irritants, such as

Breakthrough XDR-TB drug too costly for emerging markets?

As the third new drug developed for the treatment of TB in over half a century, and the first to be developed as part of a ready-to-use treatment regimen, pretomanid’s approval represents a possible milestone

Particle size matters

A number of devices available with medications in powder form. The quality of inhalation devices is generally high and active drug delivery is reliable if the devices are used properly. The key factors for successful

10 reasons why you should stop smoking

1. That all-pervasive smell of tobacco that permeates your clothes, hair and fingers. 2. It’s associated with the onset of eye diseases such as cataract 3. 50% of periodontal (gum) disease in smokers is caused

Quit smoking, for your sake and for others’

“Smoking is the worst thing that you can do, not only for your lung health but also for your overall health. It is also harmful to your family, your friends and those around you,” says Peter

How to manage asthma

The goal of asthma treatment is to achieve good asthma control: To minimise symptoms and exacerbations. Anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator treatments are the mainstay of asthma therapy and are used in a stepwise approach. Airway hyper-responsiveness

Treating a productive cough

South Africans spend an estimated R500 million on cough medicine every year. Apart from the huge financial burden associated with the treatment of colds and flu, the loss of productivity because of sick leave, severely

Tobacco control saves lives

The World Health Organization (WHO) has launched new guidance on the role tobacco product regulation can play to reduce tobacco demand, save lives, and raise revenues for health services to treat tobacco-related disease, in the

New approach cures MDR-TB

New approaches to the treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) in the conflict-affected region of the Democratic Republic of Congo have proved successful. The findings of a large, long-term study in the Democratic Republic of Congo