Webinar replay: Teen suicide

This webinar was made possible by Dr. Reddy’s.   Suicide is the second leading cause of death in youths aged 12 to 18

Teen suicide webinar

Join Medical Chronicle for a one-hour, CPD-accredited webinar on teen suicide. This webinar is sponsored by Dr Reddy’s.  Date: 15 September 2021  

The real cost of vaping & smoking marijuana

There are concerns that vaping could cost users a great deal in the long term, especially as the more serious side effects of this habit are still being studied.

The myth of functional alcoholism

Symptoms of Alcohol Use Disorder can include trembling hands, numbness, a loss of memory, hallucinations, and dementia.

Warning signs to help prevent teenage suicide

All suicide threats or indications should be taken seriously and acted upon to keep the teenager safe.

Burnout: When there’s nothing left to give

The concept of burnout was developed to describe a multi-faceted syndrome characterised by depersonalisation, emotional exhaustion and a sense of

Three monthly LAI for schizophrenia launched in SA

Prof Robin Emsley stressed that the active phase should be the focus of therapeutic interventions. Prof Emsley was one of

Learning to live with bipolar disorder

Over four million people in SA are living with bipolar disorder.

Talk therapy and medication: powerful treatments for schizophrenia

Positive symptoms Called positive symptoms as they are highly exaggerated ideas and perceptions experienced by a person diagnosed with schizophrenia

South Africans traumatised by Covid-19

Most people experience some degree of distress after a traumatic event, or a period of trauma, in their lives, as

Adolescent development vulnerable to social distancing

Describing adolescence as representing a sensitive period for social interaction, the authors (Dr Amy Orben, College Research Fellow at University