Are we giving up on the elderly too easily?

Positive prognosis for many seniors’ mental health, according to geriatric psychiatrist

Men: a different depression?

In Sub-Saharan Africa, 3645 and 2988 individuals per 100 000 population were affected. This means the incidence of anxiety and depression

ADHD: An update on our armamentarium

Adcock Ingram has announced the introduction of two new treatments for ADHD.

Clinical presentation of Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is described as a debilitating, chronic, and relapsing brain disorder with
complex symptomology.

Anxiety and depression increased by 25% globally

It’s impossible to ignore the impact the pandemic has had on mental health.

Depression a global crisis

Most countries are not sufficiently equipped to deal with the burden of depression.

Did van Gogh suffer from bipolar mood disorder?

Van Gogh’s last work painted on the morning before he shot himself, is called Tree Roots. Many postulate that this

Schizophrenia webinar coming up

Dr Eugene Allers will present an update on schizophrenia

Depression webinar coming up

Dr Frans Korb will present an update on depression.

ADHD & low self-esteem in women

Women with ADHD show higher rates of depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.

Finding it hard to focus?

Concentration issues can point to an underlying condition.

Managing dysphagia in patients with schizophrenia

A study showed a reduction in life expectancy of 18.7 years for men and 16.3 years for women with schizophrenia.