Arthritis in children: a surprising condition

While no cure exists for the disease arthritis can be managed so that the patient’s physical development and growth can continue as it should.

Hot vs cold therapy

Different types of injuries require different types of treatment.

Gout: patients’ top 4 questions

Gout causes pain and swelling in affected joints, and if left untreated can cause irreversible damage.

Osteoarthritis 101

WHAT IS OSTEOARTHRITIS? Osteoarthritis is a disease that primarily affects the cartilage lining of the joints and the bones associated

Get to grips with gout

CAUSES The uric acid excess (hyperuricemia) can be caused by the following: Production of uric acid: An over-production of uric

UC-II and osteoarthritis

Undenatured type II collagen administered orally works with a healthy immune system to promote healthy joints by a process called oral tolerisation.

What you missed at the World Congress on Osteoporosis 2018

CHALLENGES IN DIAGNOSIS OF OSTEOPOROSIS IN THE YOUNG Below, Dr Zane Stevens of the Cape Institute of Endocrinology and Stellenbosch

Bisphosphonates tops for bone injuries, studies claim

Globally, only a fraction of orthopaedic patients who deserve to be on treatment are being treated. Only 20% of patients

Bisphosphonate treatment in osteoporosis

Osteoporosis affects an estimated 200 million women worldwide (approximately 1/10th of women aged 60, 1/5th of women aged 70, 2/5ths

Treating osteoarthritis with chondroprotectives

OA is a degenerative joint disease characterised by increasing loss of cartilage, remodelling of the periarticular bone, and inflammation of

Shrugging off shoulder pain

People with musculoskeletal pain sometimes complain that their entire bodies ache Shoulder pain may originate in the joint itself, or