Contact lens complications

Worn incorrectly, there is a chance that wearing contact lenses can damage the eyes, so it is vitally important to know what to avoid.

Setting our sights on Ilevro 0.3% once daily

Ilevro is a once-daily prodrug NSAID.

One billion people are living with vision impairment

Among the many things that we tend to ignore, our eye sight ranks higher. The importance of preventative eye care

How non-communicable diseases (NCDs) can cause blindness

Healthy living is an integral part of maintaining healthy vision as you age. The healthier you are, the better chance you have of avoiding damage to your eyesight.

South African Ophthalmology Journal guidelines for authors

The SA Ophthalmology Journal is a peer-reviewed scientific journal and the official mouthpiece of the Ophthalmological Society of South Africa.

Trachoma in Africa: elimination in sight?

June 2018 will go down in history as the month trachoma was eliminated in Ghana, the first sub-Saharan African country

How well do you know your eyes?

Good eyesight plays a pivotal role in patients’ wellbeing and is a significant factor in safety, retaining independence, and maintaining

Look after your eyes

Symptoms of eye conditions can include: vision loss altered eye movements eye pain visual field loss bulging eye Definitions There

Acute allergic conjunctivitis

In the Gell and Coombs classification system for various immunologic hypersensitivity reactions, five types of reactions are recognised. The major

All about eyebrows

And while we wax, tweeze, and even dye them, do eyebrows play a more important role than just our foremost

Novartis raises glaucoma awareness

To coincide with World Glaucoma Week 2017 which took place from the 12-18 March, Novartis has highlighted results of an