7 hygiene myths and misconceptions

With a second round of recent product recalls by retailers, the country-wide Listeria outbreak is a very real reminder why South Africans should be taking a closer look at their hygiene practices.

HPV and cervical cancer crisis in SA

While most people are aware that Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) causes genital warts, it’s concerning how few are aware of HPV’s connection to cervical and other cancers.

SA’s first biosimilar oncology drug authorised for use

Filgrastim Teva, manufactured by Teva and distributed in South Africa by Cipla, paves the way for more affordable treatments to

Laparoscopic workshop keeps SA surgeons up to date

A total of 55 surgeons and intervention specialists from the private and public sectors in South Africa attended the workshop

Netcare Pinehaven oncology centre extends services, raises public awareness of cancer

Pogiso Tlholoe, manager of Netcare Pinehaven Hospital¹s radiation unit, says that the facility’s state of the art Elekta Synergy linear

Oral chemotherapy: use as directed

My mom turns 80 this year. She is still with-it and travels on her own overseas to visit my sisters.

Smoking: a major cause of bladder cancer

Dr Hugo van der Merwe from The Urology Hospital, Pretoria, has advised the public to consult a urologist at the

Advances in the management of breast and colorectal cancer

Breast and colorectal cancer are amongst the most common cancers in SA. In recent years, patient outcomes have been given

Affordable, life-saving new treatment for cancers on the cards for South Africa

At the rebranding event of the National Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ (NAPM) today in Johannesburg, emphasis was placed on the

Integrative medicine’s role in oncology

Prof Burke has spent most of his life studying cancer, its causes and detection and his research tools are used

It is not about size, it’s about personality

What determines how a cancer is treated? Are there certain rules, or do doctors just decide who gets what? I

Advancements in diagnosis and treatment of cancer possible with new locally developed Theranostic technology

Demonstrating leadership in medical innovation, privately owned Biotechnology Company BGM Pharma has entered into a landmark partnership with the South