Knowledge can boost confidence for oral contraceptive users

Utilising vitamins and correct supplementation to manage lesser known but important side effects can reduce concerns for users of oral contraceptives.

The many pros of probiotics

Probiotics provide an essential boost to the bacterial colonies required for a strong, healthy gut. We take a look at strains and recommended dosages.

Early nutritional intervention in critically ill children makes a HUGE difference

These guidelines were based upon an exhaustive literature review on the importance of nutritional support therapy in cases involving critically

Protein requirements & oral nutritional supplementation

The effect of disease related malnutrition can be detrimental on both physical and clinical health, leading to an increased length

Nutrition in pregnancy

Although, in the general population, a healthy balanced diet should largely obviate the need for vitamin and mineral supplementation, pregnancy,

Nutrition for optimal digestive health

Understanding how to maintain your digestive health is not only empowering to know for your day to day comfort, but

The benefits of bromelain

Bromelain is a complex mixture of protein-digesting enzymes isolated from pineapples, primarily the Queen Pineapple Ananas Cosmosus. Commercially available since the 1950s, bromelain

Magnesium’s role in bone health

Results of retrospective studies indicate that dietary calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus are below the recommended daily allowances for many populations.

Iron deficiency 101

Broccoli is an excellent source of iron.   Iron is vital for the production of red blood cells and is

STUDY: Probiotics and diarrhoea caused by antibiotics

A Rand Corporation study found that taking probiotics can reduce the risk of developing the diarrhoea that is a common

Osteoporosis isn’t inevitable

Bone resorption is primarily due to an activation of osteoclastogenesis and an increase in receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa-B

Vitamin D deficiency “epidemic” can be reversed

Ascencao was responding to a recent international study which found Cape Town residents, in particular, were at risk of vitamin