Carbs, nutrition, and sportspeople

“While a balanced diet can go a long way towards boosting an athlete’s performance, physical wellbeing, and recovery, questions are

The role of supplements as we age

“Supplements are never a substitute for a balanced, healthful diet,” said Dr JoAnn Manson, a professor of medicine at Harvard

Stop that mid-year slump

FOOD What we put into our body has a direct impact on what we get out of it. All food

6 steps to eat healthier at work

EAT FOODS YOU LIKE Using someone else’s nutrition plan and eating foods you do not like is a recipe for

SA’s salt addiction

Research done by Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences in the US suggests people who tend to salt their food

Detox daily to avoid unhealthy annual purge

Eating a well-balanced, nutrition-rich diet consistently, and pursuing a healthy lifestyle will eliminate the need to detox or purge after the holidays.

How to boost your metabolism

Everybody’s metabolism differs – but there are ways to speed up yours to regulate your energy levels and weight better. A dietician at Mediclinic gives her metabolism-boosting tips.

Why calcium is essential in pregnancy

Diet and intake of vitamin D and calcium in pregnancy can impact both the mother and her baby’s bone mass – and insufficient intake results in an increased risk of osteoporosis later in life.

Hyper-functional foods booming in the FMCG market

Consumer interest in the relationship between diet and health has increased as consumers become more informed about how to get the most out of their daily food intake.

Knowledge can boost confidence for oral contraceptive users

Utilising vitamins and correct supplementation to manage lesser known but important side effects can reduce concerns for users of oral contraceptives.

The many pros of probiotics

Probiotics provide an essential boost to the bacterial colonies required for a strong, healthy gut. We take a look at strains and recommended dosages.

Early nutritional intervention in critically ill children makes a HUGE difference

These guidelines were based upon an exhaustive literature review on the importance of nutritional support therapy in cases involving critically