Medical societies condemn police abuse of health workers

Other colleagues working on the front line of the pandemic describe similar harrowing experiences by threatening and rude law enforcement officers whilst driving to and from work, at all hours of the day and night. Some

Wits steps up in face of COVID-19 pandemic

In concert with the National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD), the Department of Health, and the South African government, an army of heroic scientists at Wits are helping to understand, predict, and contain COVID-19, manage

Ingress’ new platform lets docs sublease underutilised consultation rooms

Instead of acquiring their own building and staff, the platform allows them to sublease underutilised consultation rooms when it’s available in private practices and hospitals. The platform also manages their administration and patient bookings. The

COVID-19: Resist the urge to exit your investment

“History shows that volatility and drawdowns are inherent in equity investing. It’s not uncommon to experience intra-year declines well over 10%, yet, more often than not, markets recover from those drawdowns within the calendar year.

Time to listen to younger healthcare professionals

“The burden of expectation to transform healthcare lies on this group’s shoulders, but too often their views are not widely understood,” said Jan Kimpen, Philips chief medical officer. “Their responses are revealing and inspiring. These

Reassure doctors, MPS urges regulators

Doctors could be asked to work in areas outside their areas of speciality within environments that are very stretched. Doctors faced with a localised outbreak of Covid-19 could also potentially be forced to make heart-rending

Telehealth: digitally empowering medical professionals

Not just another online consultation platform By signing up for the KardioMD Telehealth solution, you’re getting more than just another telemedicine offering. It enables you to extend care beyond the consultation by offering your patients

HPCSA relaxes scope of practice rule

Ethical Rule 21 states that a practitioner must perform, except in an emergency, only a professional act: for which he or she is adequately educated, trained and sufficiently experienced; and under appropriate conditions and in

CanbiGold launches vehicle air ventilation diffuser system in fight against COVID-19

We want to circumvent this problem, which led us to become the first company in the world to develop a system for the dispersal of HOCL, an anti-viral and anti-bacterial disinfectant into vehicles.” HOCL is

SA COVID-19 survey results

These are the key take-outs from the online survey results: Views on the handling of the pandemic by the Government: 48% of respondents feel that the Government has handled the lockdown and pandemic crisis very

Telemedicine tug of war

“The problem at the moment is that the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) guidelines on virtual consultations are really highly restrictive,” a doctor said. “Perhaps the DoH could provide a directive, which at

Adcock execs donate pay to Solidarity Fund

According to Andy Hall, Chief Executive Officer of Adcock Ingram, “We are an integral part of the healthcare system and the medicine supply chain in South Africa.  We are deeply committed to this country and