How do we finance NHI?

WHY USE SOCIAL MEDIA? Some who take to this route of debate bother me, as this is confusing not only

Dahlhausen launches a subsidiary in South Africa

It’s not the latest technology. Nor is it service. It’s the people who make the difference. As a family-run business

Holiday health checklist for a stress-free festive season

“The holiday season should be a time for rest and relaxation and being a member of a medical scheme means

InterSystems leads data management in many sectors, including health

Last year, InterSystems introduced the InterSystems IRIS™ Data Platform, a complete, unified data platform that enables organizations to simplify and

Running a profitable healthcare practice

Michael’s story is not unique. In today’s complex environment, running a successful practice is a balancing act between financial outcomes

Rabies is fatal, but preventable

Rabies is almost always fatal following the onset of clinical symptoms.2 Although timeous post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) is 100% effective in preventing

OsteoEze celebrates 20 years

Many foods and drinks, especially meat, dairy products, sugar, coffee, and alcohol are acid forming. Without adequate alkaline minerals, which

Time to prepare for your family’s 2020 healthcare needs

In most cases, it is only possible for members to change to their benefit option once a year with the

Genesis Medical Scheme announces lowest contribution increase for 2020

Lowest increase for 8th consecutive year According to Dennis van der Merwe, the Principal Officer of Genesis Medical Scheme, the

NHI: still no technical report

“And the absence of a financial feasibility assessment is reckless. If you look at reforms in the past you will

Millions saved for medical schemes and their members

Medipost Pharmacy currently serves 400 000 medical scheme members on average each month, including close on 180 000 beneficiaries of

Health Funder’s Association welcomes Health Market Inquiry’s report

The HFA particularly welcomes measures to improve measurement of quality care outcomes and to structure incentives on this basis. The