Mediclinic expands renal services offering

Renal care is a chronic, long-term requirement for patients.

Recognising rare diseases access and action

A rare disease is defined as a disease that affects less than one in 2 000 people

Setting our sights on Ilevro 0.3% once daily

Ilevro is a once-daily prodrug NSAID.

Nasal saline irrigation & allergic rhinitis

Intranasal corticosteroids are the most effective treatment and should be first-line therapy for persistent allergic rhinitis symptoms affecting the quality of life.

Actinic keratosis 101

Also called solar keratosis, actinic keratosis is a precancerous skin growth caused by the sun or indoor tanning.

Healthy snacking webinar

Dietician Mbali Mapholi will present healthy snack options.

Webinar: The ADHD child and Covid

Dr Wendy Duncan will present on difficulties faced by children with ADHD.

Condyloma acuminatum webinar

Dr Jeremiah Olarogun will present on condyloma acuminatum.

How can you prevent carpal tunnel syndrome?

Take frequent breaks Since one of the main causes of carpal tunnel is repetitive strain, you need to give your

How private healthcare reform can smooth the transition to NHI

Her guest, Dr Ntuthuko Bhengu, former HMI panel member, says the big question is around affordability. “Covid has made everything

Obesity 101

Obesity, is it a chronic disease?  French physiologist, Dr Claude Bernard coined the term homeostasis (milieu interieur) in late 1800

Reducing complexities in T2DM management

T2DM accounts for the vast majority (around 90%) of cases (416 million). About 65 million people with T2DM need insulin,