Urinary incontinence is treatable

Urinary incontinence affects up to one in three older men, most of whom go untreated despite the discomfort.

New UCT Heart and Lung Centre offers specialist interventions

A new Lung and Heart Centre offering a range of specialised medical interventions, including bronchial thermoplasty, has been established at UCT Private Academic Hospital (UCTPAH).

The explosion of defensive medicine

Dr Graham Howarth, head of Medical Services in Africa at Medical Protection, looks at why doctors are practising more defensively and how to minimise the practice.

E-scripting: Addressing the disconnect in healthcare

The huge disconnect between doctors, patients and pharmacists is having a huge impact on the well-being of patients. Co-operation between doctors and pharmacists is vital in ensuring patient medication adherence.

Experiencing the CEO wheelchair campaign

The Little Eden Society’s annual CEO Wheelchair Campaign will put top South African CEOs in a wheelchair for a day to understand the lives of people living with profound physical and intellectual disabilities.

Nothing mild about malaria

Killing an estimated 435 000 people each year, malaria must be promptly recognised and treated to save an infected person’s life, and to prevent the further spread of malaria.

Aspen launches Emdolten film-coated tablets

Aspen’s new Emdolten HIV-1 medication is an S4 medication containing 50 mg of dolutegravir, 300 mg of lamivudine and 300 mg of tenofovir disoproxil fumarate.

Join the Slender Wonder family of doctors

Slender Wonder is a Medical Weight Loss Programme with over 40 years’ experience that treats the cause of obesity and overweight, and not just the symptoms.

CMS gives Fedhealth the green light

The Council for Medical Schemes has officially approved Fedhealth’s new option range for 2019, as well as the new MediVault and Wallet facility that will be applicable to its flexiFED options.

Aspen a significant contributor at investment conference

A significant contributor to the investment commitment at the recent Presidential Investment Conference was South Africa and the southern hemisphere’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturer, Aspen Pharmacare.

Pharma Dynamics launches new allergy treatment in SA

Pharma Dynamics has launched a new over-the-counter product, called Nexa AllerShield, which contains cellulose powder that literally ‘shields’ the nasal membrane of patients from nasal allergens.

Acitop packaging gets a facelift

Acitop, the well-known cold sore and fever blister medication marketed by iNova Pharmaceuticals, has undergone a change of packaging.