Winter allergies & treatment

Winter carries several risk factors for an exacerbation in respiratory allergies.

Myth-busting: common cold

Although the cold is common and usually self-limiting, it can be confused with other more serious conditions.

STUDY: Managing gout flares

The goal of treatment during an acute gout attack is suppression of inflammation and control of pain.

Combat flu season

If patients don’t make an effort to prevent it, odds are they’ll catch influenza this season.

Actinic Keratosis: To treat or not to treat

We have recorded the webinar event for you.  In case you missed the live webinar, or in case you would like

Is clarithromycin useful in sinusitis patients?

A total of 10 patients with CRSwP were identified and subjected to bilateral ESS. In post-operative patients they were treated with nasal

Immunity support, all year round

Getting enough sleep, staying hydrated and managing stress are all components of a healthy lifestyle. Avoiding nutritional deficiencies seems the

What causes EPI?

The symptoms of EPI become most noticeable when production of lipase drops to 5%-10% of normal. When this happens, patients

Treating heart rhythm disorders effectively

Tachycardias can be categorised by the location from which it originates in the heart. Two types of tachycardia are commonly encountered

Global shortage of innovative antibiotics fuels spread of drug-resistance

Persistent failure to develop, manufacture, and distribute effective new antibiotics is fuelling the impact of antimicrobial resistance, threatening our ability to successfully treat bacterial infections.

Learning to live with bipolar disorder

Over four million people in SA are living with bipolar disorder.

Fact or fiction: The truth about smoking cessation and medications

With numerous misperceptions surrounding nicotine replacement therapies, it’s important to help patients separate fact from fiction.