Prostate health

    POTENTIAL PROSTATE PROBLEMS Age-related enlargement Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) occurs in all men as they age. If the

The big 5 cancers in men

Prostate cancer Affects 1 in 18 men Men over the age of 65 and of African ancestry are most at

60% of people with haemophilia in SA are undiagnosed

“We expect there to be about 5.7 million people with haemophilia, however only 2.3 million have been diagnosed. So, we’ve

Is testosterone gel an option in hypogonadal men?

Testosterone deficiency (TD) is an increasingly common problem with significant health implications but its diagnosis and management can be challenging.

Medi Challenge launches Androgel® in SA

Hypogonadism can cause sexual dysfunction, decreased muscle mass and depressed mood, and it can reduce health-related quality of life. 4

Do dads get depressed too?

While it is well known that women are at risk of postpartum depression, many expecting parents are unaware that dads

Urologist congratulated on 200th robotic-assisted prostatectomy

A Cape Town-based urologist, Dr Conray Moolman, has completed his 200th robotic-assisted prostatectomy in a milestone achievement.

Masturbation: the secret to a better life

According to the survey, conducted by Tokyo-based company Tenga, 42% of all respondents masturbate at least once a week, with

Low libido and erectile dysfunction

Dr Peter Hill of Met-S Care, a specialist in metabolic syndrome, says that although there are a number of differing

Osteoporosis in men

What causes osteoporosis in men? Osteoporosis occurs when your body cannot replace bone as quickly as it breaks down old

Check for prostate cancer from 40

“An elevated PSA level and a suspicious nodule on the prostate on rectal examination should be followed by a prostate