Can herbal treatments for malaria work?

For thousands of years Chinese and other cultures have used herbs like Artemisia to treat malaria. Quinine was another very

Preventing and treating diseases with iodine

Iodine is a critically overlooked nutrient that could play a crucial preventative and treatment role in many diseases, especially of the breast. Unfortunately, iodine deficiency is a growing concern, even in developed countries.

Maximising your patient’s ability to self-heal

The concept of integrative medicine is not new. In fact, it has only been modern medicine that has drifted away from integrating mind, body and spirit with the process of healing.

SA herb offers antimicrobial and antitumour benefits

Morella serrata is a South African medicinal plant traditionally used in the treatment of microbial infections and to enhance male sexual performance.

More to a healthy lifestyle than just healthy eating

South Africans are urged to make better lifestyle choices in addition to improving their eating habits, to achieve a healthy

Herbs: Nature’s medicine

Also known as phytomedicine or botanical medicine, herbalism refers to the use of a plant’s seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark,

Active ageing

“I mind my own business and I don’t eat junk food,” she said at her 113th birthday celebration! These were

STUDY: Omega-3, B vitamins, and slowing the brain’s decline

The team, from the Universities of Cape Town (UCT), Oslo, Oxford, and the UAE, studied more than 250 people with

The plague that is cold sores

Cold sores are described as “small, painful, fluid-filled blisters or sores that appear on the lips, mouth, or nose that

Widespread public misunderstanding about antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistance happens when bacteria change and become resistant to the antibiotics used to treat the infections they cause. Over-use

The dangers of the inappropriate use of antibiotics

“Antibiotics treat bacterial infections, so they should only be prescribed in the event of a suspected or proven bacterial infection,”