The future is green

In a recent address, acting KwaZulu-Natal premier – MEC for economic development and leader of government business – Nomusa Dube-Ncube

How to get a high from exercise

Endorphins cannot penetrate the blood-brain barrier and are more effective within the rest of the body whereas cannabinoids have free

QEC and TRE: My personal journey of discovery

Imagine that. Reluctant and highly sceptical, I co-operated out of pure desperation. The practitioner deftly led me through a process

Body-mind medicine and the placebo response

Here the emphasis is not on the mechanics of the physical matter, but on vital and conscious processes that are

A U-turn in the regulation of CBD in SA

The reported therapeutic benefits of CBD have resulted in CBD being featured in products ranging from wellness, to dog treats

Our toxic environment

In an integrative medical approach to treating chronic disease, it is very important to diagnose and detect the toxins causing

What is mindfulness and how do I use it?

Simply put, mindfulness is paying attention. Especially as healthcare professionals, we are used to (and cannot perform well without) doing

SAHPRA grants 1st cannabis cultivation license

The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) has granted the first license for the commercial production of medical cannabis

Integrative medicine toolbox

What is integrative medicine? IM supports health using the most natural and least invasive approaches to facilitate the body’s innate

Can herbal treatments for malaria work?

For thousands of years Chinese and other cultures have used herbs like Artemisia to treat malaria. Quinine was another very

Preventing and treating diseases with iodine

Iodine is a critically overlooked nutrient that could play a crucial preventative and treatment role in many diseases, especially of the breast. Unfortunately, iodine deficiency is a growing concern, even in developed countries.

Maximising your patient’s ability to self-heal

The concept of integrative medicine is not new. In fact, it has only been modern medicine that has drifted away from integrating mind, body and spirit with the process of healing.