Asymptomatic transmission? Italian doc sets the record straight

While studies have confirmed the presence of asymptomatic disease transmission as an aspect of SARS-CoV-2‘s disease profile, the unanswered question

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Dr Choi says: “Confusion in elderly people is something that we see often, especially when someone is admitted to the

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Professor Ismail Kalla, in Pulmonology in Internal Medicine, and Professor Abdullah Laher in Emergency Medicine in the School of Clinical

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Although the average is five to six days, it can take up to 14 days before symptom onset. To better

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“Initially, there was a view that increased cases of COVID-19 infected patients would result in more admissions into hospitals, possibly

Properly managed, HIV patients not at increased risk from COVID-19

However, HIV clinician, Dr Kairoonisha “Kay” Mahomed, who runs an HIV clinic at Netcare Garden City Hospital in Johannesburg, says

Who is at greatest risk of COVID-19?

Vulnerable populations Early Covid-19 case reports suggest that patients with underlying conditions are at higher risk for complications or mortality.