Wearable devices as early warning for COVID-19

Although the average is five to six days, it can take up to 14 days before symptom onset. To better understand early signs of COVID-19 and the virus’ spread, physicians across America and data scientists

Private hospital groups at mercy of COVID-19

“Initially, there was a view that increased cases of COVID-19 infected patients would result in more admissions into hospitals, possibly leading to higher profitability, however that hasn’t been the case thus far,” Mupunga says. He

Properly managed, HIV patients not at increased risk from COVID-19

However, HIV clinician, Dr Kairoonisha “Kay” Mahomed, who runs an HIV clinic at Netcare Garden City Hospital in Johannesburg, says that HIV-positive individuals who remain on treatment and whose viral loads are at undetectable levels

Who is at greatest risk of COVID-19?

Vulnerable populations Early Covid-19 case reports suggest that patients with underlying conditions are at higher risk for complications or mortality. Up to 50% of hospitalised patients have a chronic medical condition. The World Health Organization