How bad is COVID-19 really?

  “It’s spreading fast, but is it one of the fastest spreading viruses ever? Or, is this an artefact of

Phthalates, phthalates everywhere!

1. High molecular weight compound (e.g. di-2-ethylexyl phthalate [DEHP]), which are primarily used as plasticisers in the manufacture of flexible

Urgent action required to contain DRC’s Ebola outbreak

Approximately a third of Ebola-related deaths so far have been diagnosed post-mortem, while on average six days pass between the

Betadine could be effective in combating C. auris

A major issue is the risk associated with environmental transmissions in hospitals and clinical environments, where the difficultly in effectively

Global consumption of antibiotics skyrockets

Despite the threat of a global health crisis in antibiotic resistance, worldwide use of antibiotics soared 39% between 2000 and

Ebola response failing to gain the upper hand

At the epicentre of the epidemic, in Katwa and Butembo, 43% of patients in the last three weeks were still being

Antimicrobials in older adults

There’s a myriad of ethical issues when it comes to antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and antimicrobial treatment. The use of antimicrobial therapy in older adults is but one.

Malaria makes a comeback in SA

Patients are urged to take precautions when travelling to malaria areas, as the rainy season in the northern parts of SA brings more malaria-carrying mosquitos.

SA’s gaps in antibiotic stewardship

Speakers at the annual BD Healthcare Summit raised concerns over qualifying medical students’ understanding of antibiotic resistance (ABR). A recent survey found that final-year medical undergrads were not knowledgeable about ABR.

HITES: infection control’s weak link

This brief but critical review focuses on products and processes to decontaminate hard, non-porous HITES with relevance to resource-limited regions

Wipes versus fogging: What is applicable in LMIC?

This is often due in part to a variety of personnel issues that many cleaning services departments encounter. Failure to