Immune behaviour during COVID-19 – friend or foe?

  Q: We have recently been talking about supporting and strengthening the immune system but if it is out of balance, it seems to kill us? The immune system protects us with T cells and

Swelling vs inflammation

WHAT IS INFLAMMATION? Inflammation has a major impact on our health and quality of life. It is a local reactive change that involves the release of antibacterial agents from nearby cells that defend the host

Why do some people fear vaccinations and others don’t?

In 2014, following the Ebola outbreak in Africa, a CNN/ORC poll asked a random sample of 1018 US adults if they would take an anti-Ebola vaccination if it became available. About half of the participants

Hepatitis C permanently damages NK cell diversity

New evidence published by a team from Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm suggests that hepatitis C infection affects the diversity of the body’s natural killer (NK) cells. Long thought to be a non-diverse lymphocyte group,

Immune protection: A pilot study

Methods Twenty-five healthy participants consumed 0.5g or placebo daily for 5 weeks. The hematocrit increased significantly in the immunogen group (p<0.04). A mild increase in saliva sIgA upon immunogen consumption (p=0.16) prompted a subsequent 8-week