Webinar replay: Save our Skin with Leukoplast

The product webinar was sponsored by Leukoplast.

Webinar replay: A discussion on connective tissue disease

If ANF tests positive, request ENAs panel.

WEBINAR REPLAY: Human rabies in SA

Rabies is the only known vaccine preventable neglected tropical disease.

HIV webinar replay

Join Medical Chronicle for a free, CPD-accredited one-hour webinar on the topic: HIV 2022: An update. This webinar is sponsored by Johnson&Johnson.

Schizophrenia webinar replay

Dr Eugene Allers presents an informative update on schizophrenia.

Optimising outcomes in depression

Depression is a whole-body illness.

Webinar replay: Diagnosis and prognosis of preeclampsia using biomarkers

The diagnosis of preeclampsia is still based on non-specific signs.

WEBINAR REPLAY: Biologics & Biosimilars

The names may sound similar, but biologics and biosimilars aren’t exactly the same thing. 

Covid-19-vaccine allergy: ​A lot happens in 18 months (and over 10 billion doses)​

It is important to differentiate true allergy from other reactions.

Overview of epilepsy​ and its management

Treatment is easy, however, the art of epilepsy management is more difficult​.