Policy sparks a new approach to medical malpractice cover

It is underwritten by South African-based Safire Insurance Company and reinsured by Munich Re, one of the world’s largest reinsurers.

What if your patient is a doctor?

The patient was brought to hospital by a friend after a fall and head injury. At the time she was

Some lessons (and comfort) for obstetricians and gynaecologists

Shoulder dystocia had occurred. The daughter was very large at birth, weighing 4.68kg and, on the probabilities that was the cause

Doctors and culpable homicide

That court said: “In order to make a doctor criminally liable or responsible for the death of a patient, it

Till debt do us part

There has been an exponential increase in non-paying clients in all business segments of South Africa. The current economic climate,

How to respond to online criticism from a patient

ENSURE YOU KNOW WHAT IS BEING SAID ABOUT YOU Many doctors have already realised that online reviews of their care

POPI 101

“You phone your bank and tell them to stop the card. So, the criminals don’t get very far with your