Court declares regulations on complementary medicines & health supplements unlawful

The Act regulates medicines, scheduled substances, medical devices and in vitro diagnostic devices.  In terms of section 22A, the Minister

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How to riskproof your medical practice (includes replay link)

CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS AGAINST DOCTORS If a patient dies of unnatural causes, a post-mortem will have to be undertaken. This must

The ethics and legalities of telehealth

The 2014 Guidelines In terms of the 2014 Guidelines, travelling distance must be a contributing factor to the practice of

The pitfalls of consent as a legal ground for processing personal information

There are five lawful grounds for the processing of personal information that is relevant for healthcare practices, namely: 1. Is

Employer roles on mandatory vaccination rollouts

However, employers are warned not to implement mandatory vaccinations (i.e., employees having no choice in the matter) and to be

Importance of record keeping (includes webinar replay)

Medical Academic recently hosted a CPD-accredited ethics webinar on the topic ‘Medical Record Keeping: A Healthcare Practitioner’s Window of Opportunity’.

Duty to protect the public prevails over a healthcare practitioner’s need to practice

He was suspended from the register of medical practitioners for a period of 12 months, 6 of which were suspended

Trends affecting professional indemnity

PI cover is non-negotiable Professional indemnity (PI) insurance provides the insured party with indemnity in respect of legal liability arising

HPCSA – primary guardian of morals of the health profession

The doctor argued before the HPCSA that the Professional Conduct Committee lacked jurisdiction to prosecute him on the basis that

The dual responsibility of safe practice

THE FOUR PILLARS OF SAFE PRACTICE MANAGEMENT There are four key areas that help ensure your and your patients’ safety.

Compassion fatigue: Are you at risk?

CF is a relational issue, where the care giver responds to suffering, pain trauma and emotional stresses of others. CF