Placing diabetes management firmly on the table

“The diabetes tsunami is here. Unless we meet it head on with appropriate management, this condition is single-handedly set to

Lilly’s history of diabetes care

Lilly became the first company to manufacture this life-saving medicine on a large scale – making it widely available to

Hidden faces of Diabetes

A range of thought-provoking topics were presented and lively Q&A sessions ensued. The scientific programme addressed many common challenges related

The transition to insulin therapy

There are several reasons why a person would require insulin, even if it had not   been necessary before. Some

Managing type 2 diabetes

“Everyone needs to know how to manage and diagnose diabetes. We all need to know about diabetes.” This is the

A drop of blood, an ocean of knowledge

Patient Focus Africa started as a ‘mom and pop shop’ 15 years ago with one blood pressure monitor. It is

In case of an emergency

Hyperglycaemic emergencies According to the 2017 Journal of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes of South Africa guidelines, hyperglycaemic emergencies, diabetic ketoacidosis

A brief history about efficacy of NPWT

The duration of therapy varies from a few days to months, depending on the treatment aim and the nature of

Type 2 diabetes: should you be prescribing aspirin therapy?

However, although previous literature endorsed the use of aspirin therapy as a primary prevention of cardiovascular disease (CD), recent studies

The efficacy and benefits of GLP-1 and basal insulin

According to the International Diabetes Federation, it is estimated that an average of 387 million people worldwide live with diabetes,

Updated standards in medical management of diabetes

In 2012 alone, diabetes was the direct cause of some 1.5 million deaths, with more than 80% of those occurring in low- and middle-income countries.