Wondering when to intensify injectable therapy? This webinar is for you

DATE: 18 July 2021 TIME: 18:30 – 19:30 TOPIC: A practical presentation on commencing and intensifying injectable diabetes treatment options

Children & diabetes

Being diabetic is bad enough, being diabetic when you’re a young child, that’s even worse.

Seeing the person and not the disease

The concept of compounding dates back centuries and was used up to the late 1960s when the mass production of medicines became more common.

IDegLira vs basal-bolus insulin T2DM

In patients with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes on basal insulin, prandial insulin may be initiated. Billings et al (2021) assessed

Type 1 diabetes: The burden of mealtime insulin dosing

The importance of injection timing is not always discussed by physicians.

Webinar: Tackling Type 2 diabetes mellitus

Drs Amar Ali and Martin Mpe will present on tackling type 2 diabetes mellitus.  Date: 23 June 2022  Time: 7pm 

Optimised glycaemic control using insulin lispro pens

Insulin lispro is associated with fewer hypoglycaemic events.

Control of FPG and PPG essential for effective management of T2DM

Studies have shown that high PPG levels increases the risk of micro- and macrovascular risk in both T2DM and type

The warning signs of type 2 diabetes

The warning signs for type 2 diabetes can be so mild that you don’t notice them.

T2DM and obesity a double whammy for CVD risk

Guidelines stress CV prevention as part of T2DM management.

Early glycaemic control is beneficial later

The intensification of therapy in diabetes is crucial

Diabetes is a cardiometabolic disease

T2DM doubles, and in some cases triples, the risk of MI and stroke.