BP control with current therapy

It has been shown that of those treated for hypertension, only 13% had their blood pressure (BP) controlled. There are

Heart rate and heart failure outcomes

For example the BEATIFUL, SHIFT and EVEREST studies using ivabradine and vasopressin antagonist. However, less is known about the association

The most important meal

Among lifestyle factors, diet – including both the nutritional quality and acquired eating patterns – could be a major target

The beat goes on

“We are absolutely delighted to hear the remarkable progress that this little boy has made,” says Dr Vuyo Gqola, chief

Can you really die from a broken heart?

According to Dr Pieter van Wyk, a cardiologist practicing at Netcare Sunninghill and Netcare Sunward Park hospitals, “While we are

Dyslipidaemia and the postmenopausal woman: Calculating cardiovascular disease

The overall female population is ageing. Women in Canada can expect to live on average nearly 83 years, approximately 5

Metformin and Lifestyle in T2DM

The Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) and the Diabetes Prevention Program Outcome Study (DPPOS) is testing the effect of intense lifestyle

Final call for registrations 18th annual SA Heart Congress 2017

“We have chosen the theme in celebration of one of the greatest innovations in our discipline, the 50th anniversary of

Youngest patient in Africa receives mechanical heart

Mnotho Mndebele, who had been in a critical condition in intensive care for four consecutive months prior to the ground-breaking

African cardiothoracic surgeons benefit from unique surgical master class hosted by industry greats

Entitled “Master class in paediatric cardiac surgery- How I teach it”, the training symposium was aimed at demonstrating basic paediatric

Advanced cardiac pacemaker procedure performed for first time in SA

The ‘His-bundle’ pacemaker pacing procedure was recently completed by a team led by cardiologist and electrophysiologist, Dr Israel ‘Pro’ Obel,

Stroke care initiative implemented

Builds on previous success in implementing stroke care improvement projects in SA and abroad. In 2014, stroke took the lives